Sharing the Love of Stafford Staff

We have two special weeks this spring that give us the opportunity to show our Stafford teachers and administrators how much we appreciate what they do for our students and school. Share the love!

National Library WeekNational Library Week and National Librarian Appreciation Day

National Library Week is April 7 – 13, and National Librarian Appreciation Day is Tuesday, April 9.

We would love to honor our Librarian, Ms. Fletcher, with some additional flexible seating options for students in the Stafford Library.






Teacher Appreciation WeekTeacher Appreciation Week

May 6 – 10 is the time of the year when we show our appreciation to all Stafford teachers and staff by treating with meals and snack during the week. The PTA will be providing things like Sonic drinks, nacho bar, supplies, gift cards, etc.

In addition, May 7 is National Teacher Appreciation Day.

We Need You!

Feel free to donate any needed supplies or gift cards to the cause! If you would like to make a donation of $5 or more towards one or both of these weeks, go to our Stafford PTA online store:

You can also find Stafford Teacher Favorites here:


If you have any questions or would like to provide a business sponsorship, contact Colleen Sosbee, Hospitality Chair, at [email protected].


Join Us in the PTA for 2019-2020!

Join Us

Board Members

As the second semester of the school year begins, so does the search for next year’s PTA Board. If you are interested in being an influential part of the Stafford PTA, complete the PTA Board Position form and return it to the front office at Stafford.


A lot of Board members are headed to Lone Star High School or have met their two years maximum in a single position, so we need more volunteers! We would also love to have incoming parents of 6th graders join us, so pass on this notice to anyone you know who might be interested in getting involved.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Stafford PTA Board has one-time, ongoing and special event opportunities for you to volunteer your time and services. Let us know now what you are interested by completing the Volunteer Opportunities form online.


We look forward to receiving your requests for PTA Board positions and volunteering! If you have any questions about the Stafford PTA, contact Stacy Tompkins at [email protected].


Teacher Mini Grant Winners Announced

In the fall, the Stafford PTA recognized and awarded six lucky teachers with the first-ever Stafford PTA Mini Grant, thanks to the support of our Stafford families.
mini grant winners
Mini-Grant Winner
Using funds from PTA memberships, local monthly Spirit nights and fundraising, we were able to honor these teachers. The mini grants help support them in their classrooms, affecting hundreds of students along the way. Congratulations to our winners!

Help Our Staff with Potato and Soup Bar

baked potato bar

The Stafford PTA Hospitality team is serving a baked potato and soup bar to school staff Friday, November 29. We need your help to provide a delicious meal to our hard-working teachers and administrative staff. We still have a few slots available for food items, as well as setup and cleanup.

Sign up now and thank you for everything you do for our wonderful staff at Stafford.


Meet Your Student’s Teachers August 30

Meet the Teacher Night